In late 2018 Black Suede Studio, was launched as a quality premium footwear brand designed for the work-to-play lifestyle. We are known for our refined aesthetic and polished designs, which are all about elevated style, while never sacrificing comfort. From the height of the heels and suppleness of our materials, to the shape and construction of each silhouette, every detail is created with the goal of all-day wearability. 


All of our collections are handmade in small batches in Brazil. At Black Suede Studio, we commit to designs that are fashionable and trend-forward without ever compromising the ethics and quality of our craftsmanship. Essentially, a brand that’s perfectly poised to be exclusive, yet accessible.

For the Black Suede Studio woman, the possibilities are endless. Confident an understatement, she is ready to take on the world, with an obvious flare for fashion and personal style.

She is multifaceted and believes in the coexistence of all things — no tradeoffs. This is our love letter to the ladies who do it all.