BLACK SUEDE STUDIO recommends that our customers consult a professional shoemaker for specific care advice.

All heels are handmade, therefore there may be differences or variances and no two heels are perfectly alike. 

In order to keep your BLACK SUEDE STUDIO products in good condition, we advise following the below care instructions:

  • Keep the leather area clean and dry using a dry soft cloth;
  • Always store your products away from light and heat;
  • Protect your leather goods from rain, liquids and moisture;
  • Store your products in the BLACK SUEDE STUDIO dust bag provided to you when not in use;
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

Heels with metallic surfaces and/or metal chaining are prone to surface scratches. These are natural elements of any metallic surface or metallic powder coated surface. 

Spare heel tips and a dust bag are provided in your shoe box.

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